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General Information

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Young Gretchen could have only imagined the fanciful events that were to occur before finding herself lost in a winter wonderland.
* * *

Winter Wonderland is a game of interactive fiction that I wrote and then entered into the 5th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition in 1999. I came up with the idea after seeing the Annalee snow sprite doll two years ago in a Christmas display. The smiling character in the banner for this page is a sketch I drew in that doll's likeness.

To give some information on the timeline that it took me to finish the first version of the game, I hashed out the plot and puzzles during that winter break and then wrote the Inform code over the Summer of 1999 so it would be finished in time for the coming winter months and the Annual Interactive Fiction Competition. I welcome any bug reports, and intend to keep releasing newer versions of Winter Wonderland when a significant number of reports have been accumulated.

The Game

Winter Wonderland was written using Inform coding which produces .z files. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this format, you will need to download an interpreter which will allow you to run these file types, or you could download the executable version of the game. The executable will run in MS-DOS. You could also download the Winfrotz interpreter for windows to read this and other .z5 files.

Release Version 2.0
Executable file:
.z5 file:

Note: If you are using a Windows based interpreter in the FRILLS mode and experiencing difficulties, first try altering your settings for a black background, white foreground, and a fixed width font. The visual format of Winter Wonderland was optimized using JZip since it interprets Inform code as specified in the Inform Designer's Manual. The DOS executable I have provided does have the intended visual representation.

The Map

This map contains some spoilers, so be warned. Hopefully, I will have some more time to create a cleaner map on Corel Draw. But for now, this is a scanned version of the map that I used when I was writing Winter Wonderland (hence the less descriptive location names in some spots).

Map of the Winter Wonderland

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  • Please send any comments or bug reports to:

    Laura A. Knauth's Homepage

    Use Internet Explorer for background snow animation