Most of my favorite movies came out in the eighties, and until recently, I thought that acquiring movie memorabilia and collectibles from these movies was virtually impossible. Many of the movie tie-ins for these films have been out of print for a long time. Since I had missed out on getting books, soundtracks, magazines, and board games for many of these movies when they first came out, I thought I would probably never see any of these collectibles. Harrah for the internet! As it turns out, many used book and collectible stores have uploaded their inventory listing to the internet. By doing some searching at the following sites and search engines, I have found most of the movie collectibles I could ever want. I have found the following sites to be most useful:

ABE Books Search Page
Hotbot Advanced Search Page
Infoseek Advanced Search Page

Warning: I would STRONGLY advise AGAINST using's USED book search 'service.' It is unfathomably slow to get a responce, and when they find a book for you, it is usually pretty beat up and is at least twice as expensive as the booksellers you'll find using the Advanced Book Exchange (ABE) Search Service. As a note, is an excellent source for finding books that are still IN PRINT.

I have found that it is very nice to have a clear dust jacket, like the library uses, to protect the covers of treasured books you've collected. Vernon Library Supplies, Inc has a variety of dust jackets available at very reasonable prices. I would recommend their "Easy-Fit" and "Clear 'N Easy" dust jacket covers.

Using the resources above, I have been able to collect some movie memorabilia for the following movies. Up until now, I had always been searching other people's homepages for information about these movies. Now that I've found more out-of-print items about these movies than I ever thought I'd have, I'm able to put some useful information out there myself.

This page contains a list of collectibles that I've found and the sites on the internet from which I bought them. For my all-time favorite movies, I've put together much more extensive pages containing images and information. When I've put together a separate page for one of these movies, there will be an image next to the movie title below. Please check back for updates. I currently have separate movie pages for: The Dark Crystal and The Goonies.

The Dark Crystal
BOOKS: The World of the Dark Crystal
--Brian Froud
eBay Auction
The Dark Crystal
--A.C.H. Smith

The Tale of the Dark Crystal
--Donna Bass

The Dark Crystal: The Official Comics Adaptation of the Jim Henson Epic Adventure Film
--David Anthony Kraft

ABE Books
MUSIC: The Original Soundtrack: The Dark Crystal
--Trevor Jones
Keith Zinkham
Dark Crystal Bootleg CD
--Trevor Jones

The Dark Crystal Book and Record

eBay Auction
GAMES: The Dark Crystal Card Game Heathside Collectibles
The Dark Crystal (1982)
This game is now on CD-ROM and includes 6 pages of 'Aughra's Song' in the anthology booklet.
--Sierra Anthology (Roberta Williams)
Still in Print
The CD-ROM Shop
MISC: The Dark Crystal Lunchbox

The Dark Crystal Trading Card Set (78 cards by Donruss)

The Dark Crystal Adventures Collection (miniature pewter statues)
Pinnacle Products

eBay Auction
French Dark Crystal PosterPix Posters

The Goonies
BOOKS:The Goonies
--James Kahn
ABE Books
GAME:The Goonies (Board Game)
--Milton Bradley Company
The Toy Bin

--Wayland Drew
ABE Books
Willow: The Storybook Based on the Movie
--Cathy East Dubowski

Willow: Official Movie Magazine

Willow: Official Poster Magazine
The Official Willow Comics Adaptation #1 of 3
Heathside Collectibles
MUSIC:Willow: Official Motion Picture Soundtrack
--James Horner
Footlight Records

--Frank Herbert
Still in Print
The Dune Storybook
--Joan D. Vinge
ABE Books
The Making of Dune
--Ed Naha
Shadowhouse Collectibles
MUSIC:Dune: Original Soundtrack RecordingStill in Print
GAMES:Dune Board Game
--Parker Brothers
Heathside Collectibles
Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty (Computer Game)
--Westwood Studios
The CD-ROM Shop

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
BOOKS:Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
--Rob MacGregor

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Storybook
--Anne Digby

ABE Books
MUSIC:Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
--John Williams
Still in Print
GAMES:Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Graphical Computer Adventure Game)
--LucasArts Archive Vol. I
(I bought this when it was still in print)

The Nightmare Before Christmas
BOOKS:The Nighmare Before Christmas
--Tim Burton

The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Film, The Art, the Vision
--Frank Thompson

Still in Print
MUSIC:The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
--Danny Elfman
Still In Print

The Secret of NIMH
BOOKS:The Secret of NIMH (Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH)
--Robert C. O'Brien
Still In Print
The Secret of NIMH Storybook
--Golden Press
ABE Books
GAMES:The Secret of NIMH Game (Board Game)
The Toy Bin

The Black Cauldron
BOOKS:The Book of Three
--Lloyd Alexander

Movie Press Kit

ABE Books
The Black Cauldron Storybook
--Disney Mouse Works
Still in Print
MUSIC:The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Bootleg)
--Elmer Bernstein
The Soundtrack Cafe

--Joan D. Vinge
ABE Books
MUSIC:Ladyhawke: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
--Andrew Powell
Still in Print
CD Universe

BOOKS:Clue: The Storybook
--Ann Mathews
Shadowhouse Collectibles

The Great Mouse Detective
BOOKS:The Great Mouse Detective Storybook
--Disney Mouse Works
Still in Print

Batman Returns
BOOKS:Batman Returns: The Official Movie Book
--The Michael Singer
ABE Books

Romancing the Stone
BOOKS:Romancing the Stone
--Joan Wilder
ABE Books

TV Shows

Sherlock Holmes (Granada Series)
BOOKS:Bending the Willow: Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes
--David Stuart Davies

Xena Warrior Princess
BOOKS:The Official Guide to the Xenaverse
--Robert Weisbrot
Still in Print

BOOKS:The Official Companion
--Jefferson Graham
I found it at Target!

The Animaniacs!
BOOKS:Sir Yaksalot and the Dragon
--Scholastic Inc.

Animaniacs Adventures: Two Wacky Tales in One Cool Book! ("Chalkboard Bungle" and "The Taming of the Screwy")
--Scholastic Inc.

Still in Print
MUSIC:Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs: 16 Original Songs From the Hit TV Series
Complete Lyrics Included!
I think it's still in print
GAMES:Trading Cards Set (72 cards + 12 Foil Stickers)Heathside Collectibles
Animaniacs Game Pack (CD-Rom)
--Warner Brothers / Funnybone Interactive
I think it's still in print

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