The Official Comics Adaptation The Dark Crystal

Basic Information:
Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal
The Official Comics Adaptation of the Jim Henson Epic Fantasy Adventure Film!

Marvel Books
Copyright 1982 Henson Associates, Inc.
Written by David Anthony Kraft
Penciled by Bret Blevins
Inked by Vince Colletta
Backbrounds inked by Rick Bryant and Richard Howell
Cover Painting by Bret Blevins

The Dark Crystal Super Special is based on the movie "The Dark Crystal",
and ITC Entertainment Ltd. Presentation of a Jim Henson film
produced by Jim Henson and Gary Kurtz
directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz
with David Lazer as Executive Producer
story by Jim Henson
screenplay by David Odell
and conceptual design by Brian Froud

ISBN: 0-939766-23-X
I counted 64 pages
16 pages contain full page images from the movie along with some smaller pictures of Brian Froud's original artwork for the movie!
11" x 8" x 1/4" (pbk)

My Take on The Dark Crystal Official Comics Adaptation

I'm really glad I have this book not only to see a comics adaptation of The Dark Crystal, but also because of the 16 pages of photos taken directly from the movie along with smaller pictures of Brian Froud's original work for the movie. This book is faithful to both the movie and the standard comic stylization.

These are some of the images from the back 15 pages of the book.

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