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Basic Movie Information

Dark Crystal Screenplay

The World of the Dark Crystal by J.J. Llewellyn

The Dark Crystal Novelization by A.C.H. Smith

The Tale of the Dark Crystal by Donna Bass

The Dark Crystal Official Comics Adaptation

Re-Release of the Soundtrack by Trevor Jones

Dark Crystal Action Figures

The Dark Crystal Card Game

The Dark Crystal Board Game
Brian Froud's Sketches

My Sketches

Tid Bits

Dark Crystal Chapters in 'In-Print' books

Collectibles Summary

Dark Crystal Links

The information on this page has come by me very recently when I discovered the wonders of shopping for rare andout-of-print items via the internet rather than hopping tediously without success from book store to used bookstore. The ABE Books Search proved to be invaluable. I'll try to keep scanning in images from my findings and will be updating this page with them in the near future.

Come Again!

The illustrations on this site were done by Bruce McNally for the book, The Tale of the Dark Crystal.

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