Some Notes:
--I transcribed this myself from the 1994 Video edition, so it's not guaranteed to be official.
--I focused only dialogue and included setting and terse action descriptions only where necessary.
--The spelling of the words from the Podling's language was obtained from the Closed Captioning text provided on the video.
--There are several times in the movie when several of the Skeksis or Mystics speak in succession. When I have time, I'll try to place the voice with the appropriate Skeksis or Mystic, but for now, I have just lumped them into Skeksis: or Mystics: If you know the names off of the top of your head, please write to me with the information and I'll update this page.
--Additionally, please feel free to contact me with any corrections or additions (if you have the video with the cut scenes) and I'll update this page and make additions as I receive feedback.
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************* Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal Screenplay *************

Narrator: Another world, another time, in the age of wonder... A thousand years ago, this land was green and good... until the crystal cracked... For a single piece was lost... a shard of the crystal. Then strife began, and two new races appeared -- the cruel Skeksis... the gentle Mystics.

Here in the castle of the crystal, the Skeksis took control. Now the Skeksis gather in the secret chamber where the crystal hangs above a shaft of air and fire. ...The Skeksis with their hard and twisted bodies, there harsh and twisted wills... For a thousand years they have ruled, yet now there are only ten. ...A dying race, ruled by a dying emperor, imprisoned within themselves within a dying land. Today, once more, they gather at the crystal as the first sun climbs to the peak. For this is the way of the Skeksis... As they ravage the land, so too they learn to draw new life from the sun. Today, once more, they will replenish themselves, cheat death again, through the power of their source, their treasure, their fate -- The Dark Crystal. But today, the ceremony of the sun gives no comfort. Today, an emperor lies dying... today a new emperor must seize the throne...

A thousand years ago, the crystal cracked... And here, far from the castle, the race of mystics came to live in a dream of peace. Their ways were gentle ways of natural wizards... Yet now, there are only ten... a dying race... numbly rehearsing the ancient ways in a blur of forgetfulness. But today, the ritual gives no comfort... Today, the wisest of the mystics lies dying. Today, they summon the one who must save them...

[The Mystics chant]

In the valley of the Mystics, there lives a Gelfling -- Jen. The Skeksis killed his family... destroyed his clan. Only Jen survived, to be raised by the wisest of the Mystics. ...But, there is a prophecy... A thousand years have passed, and now the world must undergo a time of testing. Now, it must be healed, or pass forever into the rule of evil. At this time, Jen is the chosen one. Today, Jen's pipe gives no comfort, for his master lies dying... and a journey must begin... The journey of Jen.

[The Mystic chant is heard echoing in the valley. Jen abandons his pipe playing to return home.]

--urSu's Cave--

Jen: Master!

urSu: the time when three suns meet...

Jen: Master, what's wrong?

urSu: You are in danger Gelfling... and I must leave you.

Jen: Leave me... Master, No!

urSu: Gelfling, I have told you of the Skeksis...

Jen: The Skeksis killed my mother and father...

urSu: The story runs deeper than you know... and you are part of it.

Jen: I don't understand.

urSu: The Skeksis will vow to destroy you. For the prophecy says, you must find the shard... the crystal shard...

[image of shard appears out of the reflecting pool]

Jen: the crystal shard?

urSu: ...To save our world, Gelfling, you must find the shard... before the three suns meet... If not, Skeksis rule forever.

Jen: Where is it?

urSu: Aughra holds the shard. Follow the greater sun for a day to the home of Aughra. There, she knows all the secrets.

[gnarled image appears out of the reflecting pool]

Jen: Aughra...Follow the greater sun... But master, I'm only a Gelfling.

urSu: I should have told you these things long ago, now it is up to you. Remember me Jen... We may meet in another life... but, not again in this one.

Jen: Master... don't leave me...

-- Castle corridor --

Chamberlain: Hmm!

Garthim Master: I hate your whimper!

Chamberlain: Hmmm ... Hmm-mm

Garthim Master: Quiet!

Chamberlain: Hmm-mmm

-- Castle: Throne Room --

Skeksis: He's not dead yet, my lord Chamberlain.

Chamberlain: Hmmm

Garthim Master: Kneel! Bow! [bows]

[Chamberlain reaches for scepter]

Emperor: Mine! ehh-ehh Mine! Not! I..I..I..I am still emperor.. I ... ah ahhh-hhh-hh

[Dying gasp]

Chamberlain: Hmmm

Garthim Master: [growls]

[Emperor's body crumbles to dust]

-- urSu's cave --

Jen: Oh master, I'll go where you send me... though I barely understand.

[urSu vanishes into thin air]

-- Valley of the Stones --

Mystic: Dear friend, be well. Receive your belongings ... receive them serenely. Now, we send forth Jen; watch over his dangerous quest.

Jen: Dear, dear master... I'll find the shard. I'm not ready to go alone ... Alright... alone then.

-- Castle: Throne Room --


Skeksis: The emperor is dead. Which one of us will be the new emperor?

Chamberlain: Yes, it should be me.

Garthim Master: Not him, I must rule!

Skeksis: You, you should be the emperor. There's going to be a fight!

Chamberlain: It's time to make my move... Hmmmm-mm

Garthim Master: It's me!

Skeksis: Oh yes, we're all with you.

Ritual Master: Chamberlain, no, wait, stop, you can't!

Chamberlain: Get back, spit head!

Garthim Master: Chamberlain! Lay down that scepter!

[circling each other]

Garthim Master: I challenge!

Chamberlain: Hmm! Hmm-mm ... Trial by stone.

Garthim Master: Trial by stone!

Slave Master: Trial by stone! Slaves, raise the stone. Get up there! Roll! Move! Pull!

Skeksis: Harder!

Skeksis: Trial by stone!

Chamberlain and Garthim Master: Ahhhh!

[swords clash]

Skeksis: Chamberlain for emperor! I'm taking it.


Garthim Master: You whimpering worm! Raargh!

Chamberlain: Hmmm

Skeksis: Beat that ha, ha!

Chamberlain: Ahhh-hhh!

[hits stone]

Skeksis: Good hit, Lord Chamberlain! Go! The general's really mad now. Come one, General! Here he goes!

Garthim Master: Raaaargh!

[Breaks stone - Chamberlain drops sword] Me! The emperor!

Ritual Master: Now, by the law... He must pay!

[Skeksis strip Chamberlain of garments]

Skeksis: Yes! Take him now! Get him! Now! Now! Get Him!

Chamberlain: Stop! Ahh-hhh-hhh!

[The Skeksis strip the Chamberlain of his robes.]

Garthim Master: Now let him go! The Chamberlain is banished. Now, bow down to me! I am emperor!

Skeksis: Hail to the new emperor! Hail to the new emperor! Hail to the new emperor!

[Ritual master eventually bows]

[Crystal resonates]

Garthim Master: Listen! The crystal calls! To the crystal chamber!

--Crystal chamber--

Garthim Master: Ehh!

Ritual Master: Hugh! A Gelfling alive?

Skeksis: A Gelfling? Gelfling! ... The Prophecy! The Prophecy ... The Prophecy! The Prophecy says Gelfling will destroy us!

Garthim Master: No! ... Garthim, Attack! Garthim soldiers, find the Gelfling! Garthim! The Gelfling! Bring him to the Castle! Garthim! Garthim! Death to Gelfling!

Skeksis: Go kill the Gelfling!

[In the shadows]

Chamberlain: Mmmm!

Skeksis: Ugly! Hideous Gelfling!


[Crystal Bat stares at Jen on the mountain]

Jen: [thinking] What in the world? This place is weird. Let's see... Her name is Aughra. Follow the greater sun for a day to the home of Aughra. Hmm! Some directions. Who is Aughra, anyway? [Jen looks at some critters on the rocks] ... one of these things? Maybe she murders Gelflings... What am I doing here?

[Jen is caught and lifted off the ground by plants]

Eyeball in hand: Shtatyee! Shtatyee!

[Gasp] Oh, Nych Gelfling Lyeetch.

[Aughra puts eyeball in socket]

Aughra: [Gasps -- Sniffing] Are you a Gelfling?

Jen: Yes, my name is Jen.

Aughra: But, Gelfling all dead, Garthim killed them all, you can't be Gelfling. You look like Gelfling, smell like Gelfling... maybe you are a Gelfling.

Jen: I'm looking for Aughra.

Aughra: Who sent you?

Jen: My master, wisest of the Mystics.

Aughra: Where is he, around here?

Jen: He's dead.

Aughra: Could be anywhere then.

Jen: Are you Aughra?

Aughra: Are you afraid of me? Think I'm going to eat you? What do you want of me?

Jen: A shard, a crystal shard.

Aughra: That's all you want, a crystal shard. Ha! Ha! Drop him!

[plants release Jen]

Aughra: [to plants] Boojay! Boojay, boojay, boojay.

[enters cave behind plants]

--In cave--

Jen: [Stumbles] Ow! No, no. Aughra? Aughra!

[Cave opens into Aughra's Observatory]

Aughra: What's it for? Hm? Hm! Is that what you want to know? You want to know what this is all about? Is that it Gelfling? You don't know? You've never looked at the heavens. Everything in the heavens is here ... moving ... as the heavens move. This is how to know when, that's what. Suns, moons, stars. Yes! The angle of eternity. That's how I know it's coming. How else can I make the prediction? A thousand years ago there was a great conjunction. I was there. That's when the crystal cracked. That's when the Skeksis appeared ... and the Mystics. Another great conjunction coming up. Anything could happen. Our world might burn up. Hmph! End of Aughra. Hmph! ... Now, ask what the Great Conjunction is. What's the Great Conjunction?

Jen: What's the Great Conjunction? You tell me.

Aughra: The Great Conjunction is the end of the world! ... or the beginning. Hmph! End ... begin ... all the same. Big change... sometimes good ... sometimes bad. Ah! There it is. [picks up box] Gelfling knows nothing.

Jen: Aughra, what do I do with the shard?

Aughra: Questions, questions, too many questions. You want a shard? Here!

[Dumps contents of the box, crystals, onto the ground]

Jen: Which one is it?

Aughra: Don't know. Ugh! [Groaning as she sits] Don't know. Kah! Listen Gelfling, there is much to be learned ... and you have no time.

[time passes]

Jen: [thinking] Which one? Which one is it? It's one of these three, I'm sure.

Aughra: You've already taken too long, Gelfling! Hurry!

Jen: [thinking] But, how do I choose?

[Jen remembers the Mystic chant and plays an accompanying double note on his flute. One of the shards resonates and glows in response to his notes.]

Aughra: Yes! Know that you have it, you don't know what to do with it, do you? No one told you that, did they? But Aughra knows.

[Garthim break into the observatory and start demolishing the observatory.]

Aughra:[gasps] Garthim!

[to Garthim] Out! Get out! Garthim, get out! Take your hands off me! Ah!

[Jen hoists himself onto a planet on the observatory that is rotating by and rides it until the Garthim break the machine. Jen jumps out of a nearby window and rolls down the mountainside.]

Aughra: My home! My home! My ...

Jen: [looking up at Aughra's burning observatory] Aughra!

Chamberlain: [looking off as Jen runs off into the foliage] Hmm!

--In the valley of the Stones--

Mystic: At last, the crystal calls. It is time ... time to return to the castle.

[Mystics begin their journey out of the valley]

--Forest of lush foliage - buzzing with plant and insect life--

Jen: [thinking] Now I've got the shard, but what do I do with it? What is it? Am I supposed to take it somewhere? What's so special about the shard? It doesn't look like anyth... Oh!

[Jen sees a vision in the crystal of a creature striking a large white crystal]

[Jen hears rustling nearby] I don't like this...

[Jen hears footsteps -- investigates]

Fizzgig: Arrrggg! Arrrggg, Grrr! Raarrah, Arrrggg!

[Jen falls into a muddy puddle]

[more growling]

Jen: Ah! Oh, no! Right in the mud.

[Creature appears walking out of the reeds -- a blond, female Gelfling]

Kira: [to Fizzgig] Fizzgig! Bodyee nyuncechas ouamo!

[Fizzgig whines]

Kira: [to Jen] Ko vyee.

Jen: Hugh? You ... Gelfling, like me?

Kira: [Gasps] Yes!

Jen: But, I thought I was the only one!

Kira: I thought I was. Oh here, I'll help you out.

[Their hands touch.] --Dreamfasting--

[phrases overlapping phrases]

Jen: ... Before everything started ... Back when I had a mother and father ... shiny and round.

Kira: The first thing I remember is fire. It's a war... I think. ... A tree. My mother puts me right in side and we ... Mother! Mother, the monster!

Jen: The first thing I remember is the kind one. He picks me up an he's big. He makes the monsters disappear, and I'd be safe.

Kira: Am safe. The podlings ...

Jen: What's happening?

Kira: We're dreamfasting... sharing our memories.

Jen: [laughing] I'm having a bath.

Kira: When I was little, I used to get fed by my new mom. She called me Kira.

Jen: ... and then bigger ... And master, you showed me the whole valley stretching out. I thought it went on forever. Kira watch out!

Kira: The Garthim! They capture the podlings. It makes me cry. But sometimes it is good.

Jen: I am happy. My master is family and teacher and friend ... and I can nearly forget...

Kira: I can talk with flowers and all the living things.

Jen: ... and he shows me numbers and things called words. And everywhere I go I learn the shapes of kindness. I learn from them all, except ... there's no one here like me. I need to find ..

Kira: And yes, I love them all. Except I need to find ... I want ...

Jen: wait!

Kira: It's going away.

Jen: It's going away.

[pond gurgles and Jen sinks deeper in]

Kira: [laughing]

Jen: Oh no! I'm sinking.

Kira: Don't move.

Jen: Don't move? Where would I go?

Kira: Avearh! Avearh!

[A creature rises up from under the mud and lifts Jen out of the muddy bog.]

Jen: Aiyee! What is ... what is that?

Kira: Just a Nebrie. She won't hurt you.

[to Nebrie] Dohbah. Natraxed, dohbah.

Jen: Kira! Your name is Kira!

Kira: We were dreamfasted ... you and I.

[picking up Fizzgig] Fizzgig, Fizzgig. Piah, come on. Fizzgig, Avo Yay, Jen.

Jen: Uh.

Fizzgig: Raarrrh!

Kira: Fizzgig! Fizzgig. Doyle! You seem very strange to him.

Jen: He seems pretty strange to me!

Kira: He's nervous. Here, Skeksis are watching always. We must go!

[Fizzgig growls at Nebrie. Nebrie grunts at Fizzgig. Fizzgig runs off to Jen and Kira]

--Banquet Hall in the Castle--

Skeksis: Ah! Roast Nebrie, my favorite! Roast Nebrie. I want the rare piece.

[Munching - Burping] Ahh, Ahh! You slime face!

[Munching] Mmmm! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!

[Chewing] Eh! Rotten! Yuck!

[Munching -Burping]

Ritual Master: Seems to me that Gelfling ... has escaped!

Garthim Master: No Gelfling ever escaped my deadly Garthim!

Gourmand: More food! More food!

Skeksis: Eh! Something's stuck in my teeth! Ah! Desert!

Gourmand: Not bad at all!

Skeksis: Look, the Garthim return ... the Gelfling!

[Garthim bring in a bag]

Garthim Master: Release the Gelfling!

[Aughra revealed]

Skeksis: [gasps]

Garthim Master: What's this?

Aughra: Fools! Skeksis fools! What do you want with me?!

Garthim Master: [gasps] This is no Gelfling!

Aughra: Of course I'm no Gelfling! You putrid lizards. I'll get my eye to you!

Ritual Master: She was with him. She helped him! Where is he?

Aughra: Gone! Gelfling gone! Stupid Garthim. [grunts as she strikes a Garthim] You want Gelfling, why not ask me? No! Easier to send your crab brained soldiers, burn my home! Now home gone, Gelfling gone. Nothing but Aughra! Mouldy mildew, mother of mouthmuck. Dangle and strangle to death!

Skeksis: Oh, how crude.

Ritual Master: Watch your tongue harridan! We're lords of the crystal.

Aughra: Lords? Not for long! What about the prophecy that a Gelfling will end Skeksis power?

[Grunts] He'll come make you crawl like the worms you are.

Garthim Master: Find that Gelfling now!

Ritual Master: Crystal bats fly! Search the land ... search the water ... search the sky!

[Bats fly from the castle]

--On the Black Lake in a Beetle Shell--

Kira: [sings]

[Jen accompanies with his flute]

Fizzgig: [growls]

[Crystal bat spotted flying overhead]

Kira: Jen! Down! Get down!

[Kira strikes bat with her slingshot]

Jen: What was that?

Kira: A crystal bat. What they see, the Skeksis see too.

Jen: Did it see us?

Kira: No, I don't think so.

[Bat lifts its head from the water fixated on the two Gelflings]

--Outskirts of Pod village--

Podlings: Hoo-ra! Hoora!

Jen: Aren't these the people from ... from your memory?

Kira: When the Garthim killed my parents, the Podlings adopted me. They're my clan.

Podlings: Kira! Kira! Doza Aminia!

Kira: [to Podlings] Avo Yay, Jen.

Podlings: Jen. Ah!

Kira: [to Jen] Come.

Podlings: Doshbah, doshbah! Ishtal ikah Kira!

--Inside Pod House--

[Chattering - Music]

Jen: How do you say "thank you"?

Kira: Oh, Ah, Fala vam.

Jen: [to several Podlings] Fala vam. Fala vam.

Podling: [to Jen] Ahbo Itah? Etrushka bourskara.

Ydra: [to Kira] Ah, Kira. Yen viseinka.

Ydra: [to other Podlings] Gorah, viseligche!

[music - dancing - entertainment]

Podlings: Yeah!

Jen: [to Kira] Do you know the three suns in the sky? They're going to come together soon. It's called the Great ... the great something or other. It's a prophecy. And he told me that I must find the shard, and that everything must be done before the three suns join in one, and that's all, and then he died.

Little Podling: [plays with doll]

Kira: Jen, what's the shard for?

Jen: That's just it, I don't know. I found the shard ...

Kira: ... but you don't know what to do with it.

[more music and festivities]

[Jen accompanies with his flute]


[Garthim attack the Pod village]

[Screams and commotion]

Fizzgig: [growls]

Kira: Jen, this way!

[more screams and fighting]

[Garthim grabs Jen's arm in claw]

Jen: Ah!

[strikes Garthim with shard -- shard sound resonates through valley -- Jen escapes]

Kira: Through here! Hurry!

[Kira and Jen flee the Pod village]

[Garthim fixates on Jen]

Kira: Ah ... Jen!

Chamberlain: [to Garthim] Ahhh!

[Jen and Kira run into the forest]

Jen: What was that creature?

Kira: Skeksis!

Chamberlain: [to Garthim]

[Yells command for Garthim to stop] Hmm--mm!

Kira: [Panting] Wait! They won't find us here!

Jen: [Panting] It's all my fault!

Kira: That Skeksis! He saved us from his own Garthim.

Jen: First Aughra's, then your village. I wish I'd never heard of the shard!

[Jen throws the shard]

Kira: No Jen! Oh, Jen, they hurt your arm. Here, this moss will make it better. It wasn't your fault. The Garthim have always come.

--Morning in the Forest--

Jen: [Dreaming] Oh, Master, I remember the valley. I didn't understand. I miss the other masters with the old, old magic and chants. I never loved them enough. Out here in the world, look at me. I'm not a hero. Not the way you wanted. Master, nothing is simple anymore. Master... Master?

[awake] Where are we?

Kira: Safe.

Jen: Safe .. I don't think anywhere is safe anymore. These are ruins!

Kira: They're the houses of the old ones.

Jen: You mean our ancestors?

Kira: Jen, here's the shard!

[she picks it up]

Jen: I can feel something ... hear it almost.

Kira: We don't go in here anymore. Bad things happened in here once.

Jen: But, they were Gelfling... like us!

Kira: Yes. They were all killed by the Skeksis long ago.

[exploring the ruins]

Jen: Kira! Kira, look here. Just look at this.
[Looking at the hieroglyphs on one of the walls] That ... that looks just like the shard! What does it mean?

Kira: And, what are all those funny marks?

Jen: Oh, that's writing.

Kira: What's writing?

Jen: Words that stay. My master taught me.

Kira: Oh!

Jen: [reading] "When single shines the triple sun, what was sundered and undone shall be whole, the two made one by Gelfling hand, or else by none." By Gelfling hand? Do you know what that means Kira?!

Kira: Wait! This is a piece of the Dark Crystal!

Jen: Then that's what my Master meant.

Kira: Yes!

Jen: I have to put it...

Kira: You have to heal the ... the Dark Crystal.

Chamberlain: Prophecy!

[Fizzgig growls]

Kira: Jen! Skeksis!

Chamberlain: Stay! Stay! No, Stay! Stay, am friend. Stay, am friend. Prophecy ... prophecy cause all this trouble.

Jen: That prophecy?

Chamberlain: Yes!

Jen: That's why Skeksis kill Gelfling?

Chamberlain: Yes! Yes, bad mistake! Skeksis afraid, fear Gelfling.

Jen: But, you're a Skeksis.

Chamberlain: But, I am friend, save you from Garthim.

Jen: Why?

Kira: Don't listen to him! It's a trick!

Chamberlain: No, please. Must listen. Am outcast. If I make peace, am outcast no more.

Jen: Will you stop the Garthim attacks?

Chamberlain: Yes! Please. Come to the castle. Please. Show them Gelflings want peace. Show them Gelflings will not harm us. Please ... Please ... Please

Kira: Jen! No!

Chamberlain: Come ... please ...please ...yes please yes

Jen: No!

[Jen and Kira run out of the ruins]

Chamberlain: No! Wait! Wait, please! Please, wait! Please make peace!

Jen: Now I know what I have to do. How do I get to the castle?

Kira: I'll show you.

[trills tongue -- clicks -- trills] Stanyee tamar. Over here! Stanyee tamar.

[Tall, gangly creatures appear out of the forest.]

Jen: What's that?

Kira: It's a Landstrider. Stanyee tamar. Dohbar.

[trills] Dohbar.

Jen: How'd you learn to call them?

Kira: The Podlings taught me.

[clicks] Stanyee tamar. Dohbah. Myee ban ...

Kira: [to Jen] Don't be afraid.

[to Landstrider] Stanyee, Stanyee. Dohbah. Let's go. Oh, Bar, bar.

[to Jen] They'll take us.

Jen: But ... Kira, you don't have to go.

Kira: I know.

Jen: Alright ... together then!

[Fizzgig barks]

Kira: No, no, Fizzgig. You stay hear. Dolah.

[Fizzgig throws a tantrum]

Kira: Oh ... Oh, all right. Come on! Tamar, Tamar. Tamar, Fizzgig, Tamar. Hang on, Jen. They go fast.

Jen: Yes.

[ridding on Landstriders]

Jen: The prophecy didn't say anything about this.

Kira: Prophets don't know everything.

--In the Castle -- skekTek: 's Laboratory--

[animal noises]

skekTek: Silence animals! Your next, little Podling.

Podling: [crying]

skekTek: Won't hurt. We just want to drain your living essence. Then you can be the same as the other Podlings here ... a slave. Open the wall! Now Podling, out there is the great shaft of the castle. Position the reflector. Ah! The reflector will capture the beams of the Dark Crystal floating high above. Look into the reflector Podling. Feel the power of the Dark Crystal!

[Crystal hums -- Podling is slowly drained]

skekTek: Mmm ... yes. And now the beam will rid you of your fears, your thoughts ... your vital essence. Mmm ... ahh. You're very lucky, slave. Only the emperor can drink your essence. Ahh.

[footsteps] He's here! Close it, slave!

Garthim Master: Is it ready?

skekTek: Very fresh, very strong, sire. Ahhhh!

Garthim Master: [Gulps essence] Now!

skekTek: Oh, it will make you young again, sire.

Garthim Master: [Skin tightens] Ahh!

skekTek: Hah, hah! hah.

Garthim Master: [laughs] Young! [laughs] Yes, young! [laughs] Eh? [his skin shrivels] Ohh-hh. You fraud!

skekTek: Please, sire!

Garthim Master: Liar! Slave squeazer.

[storms out]

skekTek: It always worked better when we used Gelflings.

--Overlooking the Castle on Landstriders--

[Garthim seen carrying Podling booty]

Kira: Look!

Jen: The ones who raided your village.

Kira: [to Landstrider] Let's go, Nabrushoo!

Jen: Kira!

Kira: [rides to attack Garthim swarm] Aiyee-yaa! Yaa!

Jen: [to Landstrider] Come on!

[fighting - Garthim clicking - Landstriders squealing]

Kira: Ah!

[Kira is thrown from Landstrider]

Jen: [dismounting] Kira, are you alright?

Kira: Yes, but we've got to get them out.

[more fighting - Garthim clicking - Landstriders squealing -- one Landstrider falls over cliff]

Kira: Hurry. .. They're coming! Fizzgig! Hang On!

[Grabs Jen and Fizzgig and jumps over cliff.]

Jen: Ah!

[Jen, Kira, and Fizzgig glide to cliff bottom]

Jen: Wings! I don't have wings!

Kira: Of course not! You're a boy.

Fizzgig: [growls]

Kira: Fizzgig!

Jen: Yes! A way into the castle. This must lead into the lower part. Come on!

Kira: I don't want to go in there.

Jen: We have to go on.

[Chamberlain looks on as Jen and Kira enter the castle]

Kira: Fizzgig, come on!

Chamberlain: Hmmm-mmm.

--Catacombs of the castle--

[critters squealing]

[Kira trips]

Jen: Careful.

Fizzgig: [growls]

Jen: Which way now?

Kira: I want to go back... I smell death here.

Fizzgig: [growls]

Jen: I know, but we have no choice.

Kira: [gasps] Skeksis!

Chamberlain: I knew you would come. Do not be afraid; I am here to help you, Yes. Come, show them! Gelflings live together with Skeksis in peace, please!

Jen: Let go! Leave us alone!


Kira: No!

[Jen strikes Chamberlain with shard]

Chamberlain: Ahhhh! My hand!

[Chamberlain's hand begins to bleed.]


[One of the Mystic's hands begins to bleed.]

Mystic: So, my hand.

--Catacombs of the castle--

Chamberlain: sniffling "Gelfling, you'll die!

[Pulls the rafters down on Jen -- he is buried in the rubble]

Kira: Jen! Let go, let go of me. Jen!

Chamberlain: Gelfling, Come! Yes!

Kira: Fizzgig! No, you stay with Jen. Let go of me... Jen!

--Upper Chambers of Castle--

Skeksis: Chamberlain! Get out!

[Chamberlain reveals Kira]

Skeksis: Ah! Gelfling! Ah! Gelfling! Gelfling! Ah! Gelfling! ...

[both Skeksis shriek and run to the throne room]

--Throne room in Castle--

Skeksis: Ah! Gelfling! Ah! Gelfling! Gelfling! Ah! Gelfling! ...

Gourmand: Shut your ugly mouth, sir!

Chamberlain: Hmm.

Ritual Master: Hugh?

Garthim Master: Wha?

[Skeksis murmuring]

Chamberlain: Royal sire, I bring you Gelfling. I! I have done this! I have caught her! I bring you the Gelfling. I was wounded. I suffered horrible, searing pain.

Skeksis: A live Gelfling!


Ritual Master: [drawing knife] Kill her! We are sworn to kill all Gelfling!

Chamberlain: No! She's mine!

skekTek: But sire, you could drink here essence.

Ritual Master: Because of the prophecy, we must kill all Gelfling!

Garthim Master: No! First take her essence, then kill her!

Skeksis: Drain her first. Drain her first. Take her essence. Yes! Essence! Drain her essence! Take her essence!

Kira: No! No, let go!

Garthim Master: As for the whimpering Chamberlain, return his robes to him.

Chamberlain: Hmm-mmm. Hmm-Hmm!

--skekTek's Laboratory--

skekTek: Silence, silence animals!


[skekTek puts Kira in shackles]

skekTek: [Grunts] There! Ahh! Yes!

[skekTek opens wall and moves reflector into position -- crystal hums and glows]

Kira: [gasps - her essence is slowly drained]

skekTek: Ah yes, essence of Gelfling.

--Castle Catacombs--

[Jen climbs out of the rubble]

Jen: Kira, fight them! Fight them, fight!

[Fizzgig growls]

--skekTek's Laboratory--

Kira: Jen? Jen!

Aughra: You, Kira. Call the animals. You have the gift. Call them to freedom. Now!

Kira: [gathering her last strength] Camalayaas!

skekTek: Quiet, Gelfling! Be Quiet!

Kira: Camalaya!

[animals squirm]

Kira: Dovaree. Omadee.


[animals begin struggling with their cages]

skekTek: Eh?

Kira: Bindi. Orvad. Komadee, Karmada.

skekTek: Quiet all of you. Stop! Stop, I warn you!

Aughra: Gelfling, free me! Yes!

Kira: Lamma! Lamanee! Lamanee!


[twittering -- animals begin to break out of their cages]

Kira: Taskee. Storah. Storah. Unabi. Orvat. Orvat.

Aughra: [rattles her cage]

Kira: Camalayaaaa!

[Many of the escaped animals fly at skekTek.]

skekTek: All of you, get down! Oww! Ahh! No! Ehh!

[The reflector is disengaged and moves out of position.]

Kira: Binni.

skekTek: No! No! [trips over edge] Ahhh!

[skekTek falls into the lake of fire at the bottom of the shaft.]


[One of the mystics spontaneously combusts]

--skekTek's Laboratory--

Kira: Nyedee! Nyedee, nyedee. Nyedee!

[animals help her release the shackles]

Aughra: Too late Gelfling, you've come too late. The Great Conjunction is at hand! Now the Skeksis will have power over the stars.

Kira: When is the Conjunction?

Aughra: Very soon, three suns touch.

Kira: Jen! Ah!

[leaves the laboratory]

Aughra: Go, Gelfling ... I fear, to death.

--Catacombs of the Castle--

Jen: Get down, Fizzgig. Quiet! Yes, big help you've been.

[gasps -- Falls into a lower level]

Jen: Oh! Oh, no. Now where am I?

[Fizzgig whines]

Jen: Fizzgig!

[clicking heard in the darkness]

Jen: [whispers] The Garthim!

[Clicking grows louder as Garthim step from all around into the light]

[Fighting ensues]


Jen: [grunts]

[During the fight, Jen is backed to up to a wall. The Garthim's claws inadvertently punch a hole through the wall]

[Jen climbs through the hole into the shaft]

--Shaft Below the Dark Crystal--

Jen: Is that the crystal?

[Jen climbs up the shaft until he reaches an opening]

--skekTek's Laboratory --

[Jen spots Aughra]

Jen: Aughra, you're alive!

Aughra: No time! No time! When single shines the triple sun!

Jen: Where's Kira?

[Aughra points - Jen runs off in that direction]

Aughra: The Great Conjunction comes.

-- Entrance to the Castle --

[Garthim dance menacingly at the approaching Mystics]

Mystics: [chant]

[Garthim withdraw]

-- Chamber of the Dark Castle --

Jen: Yes! The Crystal!

-- In the Castle --

[Skeksis slowly proceed to the Crystal Chamber]

Kira: [gasps and retreats into the darkness]

-- Chamber of the Dark Castle --

Jen: This is what I came for... the Dark Crystal ... the three suns ... the shard.

[Skeksis enter in a slow procession]

[Jen spots Kira]

Jen: Kira.

Kira: [whispering] Jen!

[the three suns are nearly overlapping]

Ritual Master: The Great Conjunction comes. Now, we will live forever!

Skeksis: We will live forever! We will live forever!

[Fizzgig follows the voices to the Crystal Chamber]

Skeksis: We will live forever! We will live forever! We ....

[Fizzgig barks at Kira -- this alerts the Skeksis to her presence]

Chamberlain: Ah!

Skeksis: Hugh! Ah, Gelfling! A Gelfling!

Kira: Shhh! Get Down! Down! Fizzgig, no!

Skeksis: Kill her! She will destroy us!


Ritual Master: Gelfling, you die!

Chamberlain: [spots Jen] Ahh!

Ritual Master: Two Gelfling!

[Skeksis rush over to Jen]

Garthim Master: Garthim! Garthim. Garthim!

Ritual Master: Yes! Come Garthim!

Kira: [gasps]

[Jen jumps from the precipice toward the Dark Crystal]

Jen: [lands on the crystal] Ugh!

[the blow knocks the shard loose from Jen's grasp] No!

Kira: [gasps]

Garthim Master: The shard! The shard is mine!

[Garthim Master reaches for the shard]

[Fizzgig jumps down and bites the hand of the Garthim Master]

Garthim Master: Let go, smelly hair ball!

[Garthim Master flings Fizzgig down into the shaft]

Kira: Fizzgig!

[Kira spreads her wings and glides from the precipice to the floor below.]

[Kira picks up the shard]

Ritual Master: She has the shard.

Garthim Master: Take it from her, now!

Jen: Watch out Kira!

[Kira wields the shard like a weapon and keeps the Skeksis at a standoff]

Jen: Kira, behind you. No! Leave her alone!

Chamberlain: Give us the shard and you can go free.

Kira: No!

Jen: Yes! Just don't harm her.

Kira: No, Jen!
[she turns to face Jen] Heal the crystal.

[Kira tosses the shard carefully to Jen - - he catches it]

[The Ritual Master stabs Kira in the back]

Jen: [gasps]

Kira: [gasps] Ah! Jen.


[Kira dies]

Jen: Kira.

[Jen hold the shard up over the Dark Crystal as the light from the three suns beams down onto the crystal.]

Jen: Ahhhh!

[Jen plunges the shard into the Dark Crystal. He is thrown to the ground by a resonating blast from the crystal.]

[Jen crawls over to Kira]

[Mystics, chanting, make their way into the Crystal Chamber]

[The outer black shell of the castle breaks away revealing a white structure beneath]

[Podling slaves are freed from the Dark Crystal]

[Skeksis shriek in terror]

Skeksis: The urRu's!

Garthim Master: [snarls]

-- skekTek: 's Laboratory --

[Aughra spots Fizzgig dangling from the reflector]

Aughra: How did you get out there? Come on then.

[prods Fizzgig with a stick]

[Aughra and Fizzgig make their way to the Crystal chamber]

-- Chamber of the Dark Castle --

Chamberlain: Ahh-ha-haa!

[Skeksis and Mystics are transformed into urSkeks once again in the light of the white Crystal]

Aughra: What was sundered and undone shall be whole, the two made one!

urSkek: And now, the prophecy is fulfilled. We are again one.

[Jen picks up Kira and walks to the urSkeks]

urSkek: Many ages ago in our arrogance and delusion, we shattered the pure Crystal, and our world split apart. Your courage and sacrifice have made us whole and restored the true power of the crystal. Hold her to you. She is part of you as we all are part of each other.

[Kira is healed]

urSkek: Now we leave you the Crystal of Truth. Make your world in its light.

[urSkek are transformed into beams of light and energy which flow through the crystal and out into another world.]

Last Image: The landscape surrounding the white castle has become a lush paradise.

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