The Dark Crystal Figures

Hooray! Much to my amazement, the Sideshow Toy company has developed an impressive line of Dark Crystal figures available for purchase as of April 2002! I shopped around online and found that the Big Bad Toy Store sells the set for a total of $65 including shipping. I was so pleased with the figures overall that I actually ordered an additional set. :)

Both figures are 12". The Jen figure comes with a plastic flute and a pink shard. (The shard itself was clear in the movie, but I suppose you could explain this away as a representation of the *dark* crystal.) The Kira figure includes her little dog Fizzgig (his face and feet are plastic). Both figures have amazingly detailed clothes. I've never bought figures like this before, but I'd say the quality of the fabrics is quite high. It is also embroidered in many places and adorned with little dangling beads.

I only wish that Kira's hair color was a bit more like it was in the film. The doll's hair is a bit too yellow for my taste, but at least they added a few braids. My only other complaints are that the whites of the figure's eyes are a bit pink, and the wrists and ankle's don't bend -- the rest of the articulation is just fine. The bottom line is that I'm just so glad a company has taken interest in this fantastic film after so long. The word is that 18" Skeksis and Mystic figures are due out later in 2002 ... can't wait!

Jarrod Canepa emailed me with these photos and the following article about an action figure line that was originally intended to correspond with the movie release. Thanks Jarrod!

"In 1983 Hasbro, working in conjunction with Aviva Toy Company, developed line for The Dark Crystal, the fantasy film from Henson Associates. These characters used puppet technology similar to that which Frank Oz incorporated into Yoda in Star Wars. Each of the six main characters; Jen, Kira, Pod peasant, Pod slave, Aughra, and the Skeksis came with a piece of the magical crystal which could be assembled when you collected them all. Three additional larger figures-the Landstrider, Mystic, and Garthim-were also in the original release. Development proceeded to printed cards and tooling for at least the four figures shown. The four carded figures known to exist are among the last evidence that this line was considered for action figure production. Either Hasbro decided it's plate was too full, or the retailers thought there were too many other sure sellers to get involved with The Dark Crystal series. It's a neat concept, but unfortunately, never saw any retailers' shelves."

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