Travels in the Land of Erden: In Quest of the Adventure
Complete Solutions for Release Version 2
Copyright 1998 by Laura A. Knauth

Notes on how to use this Solution Set and General Suggestions     

I would highly recommend that this set of solutions be used over the 
other two solution sets because these are progressive hints designed 
not to give too much away too soon.  The solutions to the puzzles are 
organized here by the location or general locale where the puzzle can 
be solved.  Complex puzzles will have hints that are divided into three 
sections as follows:

Puzzle Definition:  (Because sometimes being clear on what the 
problem is can be a hint enough to solve the puzzle on your own.)

Motivations for the Solution:  (Progressive hints about how to solve 
the puzzle)

Exact Solution:  (First a sentence in words describing the solution, 
and then an exact command line statement)

Note: I'll put a :::::::SPOILERS::::::: warning just before the major 
hints in each section.

I would advise you to search for the location name where you'd like 
some hints since the beginning locals are listed in no particular order.

I will also include a "Where to Find the Objects" section before any of 
the puzzle solutions which lists the locations where objects can be 
found merely by examining a distinguishing feature of that location.  
The solutions to a puzzle which requires any of these objects will 
assume that you've at least found these objects that are 'lying around.'

Anything with a (Beginning) near the locale name means that the 
puzzle can generally be solved very early on with or without the help 
of one of the objects that I consider to be just 'lying around.'

Anything with an (Intermediate) near the locale name means that the 
puzzle can be solved after you have completed at least one of the 
Beginning puzzles and may also require the use of one of the objects 
that I consider to be just 'lying around.'  The order of the (Intermediate) 
solutions is somewhat important, but there is still some leeway.

Anything with an (Advanced) near the locale name means that this 
puzzle can only be completed near the end of this adventure after one 
or more of the (Middle) puzzles have been completed.  The ordering of 
this section is linear.

Since there is no traditional scoring system in Erden, Ezmarelda, the 
fortune teller, will generally give you a different message about your 
(Future or the Score) depending on whether you are in the Beginning, 
Intermediate, or Advanced puzzles.  As a general rule, if you are able 
to manipulate objects, or use them in any way to go to a new place or 
acquire another object, you are progressing nicely.

As a general hint about all of the puzzles, be sure that you have at 
least examined or searched the distinguishing objects in each of the 
rooms, and talked about your 'mission' with all of the characters you 
meet (although some know more than others).  If you do this, there is a 
good chance you won't need these hints at all. 

I have put an extra spaces between the individual hint lines and about 
four or five spaces in-between solution blocks to help prevent any 
inadvertent spoilers.  


The Puzzle Summary:  
[Note:  All of the beginning puzzles do not have to be completed 
before going on to some of the intermediate puzzles.]

* Beginning Puzzles:
School Yard
Forest Edge (the Slender Tree)
Sheer Cliff Basin      
Gate House of Darinore Castle
Pumpkin Patch Near Shed   
Among the Trees (the Ancient Fountain)
Witch's Hut

* Intermediate Puzzles:
The Floorboards           
Under the Witch's Stool
Back in the Witch's Hut
Finding The Dragon Caves
Dragon Cave Entrance      
Rope Bridge Near the Pirate Cave 
Odds N Ends Shop          
Clearing in the Purple Canyon 
The Purple Canyons        
Forest Basin (the Great Oak)
Travel to Misty Island
The Huge Bird's Nest
Return from Misty Island  
Behind the Waterfalls
The Pumpkin Patch         
Willow near the Lake 
Lion Statues              
Forest Temple 
Rocky Precipice (above the Sheer Cliff Basin)

* Advanced Puzzles
The Great Temple (Rushing Water Puzzle)
The Great Temple (Double Doors Puzzle) 
Grand Altar Room 
Deeper in the Forest (near the Towering Eucalyptus) 
Steep Mountains near the Woman Statue 
Entering the Limestone Caverns 
The Talon

::: Where to Find the Objects :::
(Locations which contain objects that can be easily found)

Note:  All of these objects do not need to be found right away.

On the Mainland:
Beach Front Near Dock
Abandoned Well
Southeast Edge of Lake
East Edge of Lake
Aspen Grove

On the Island:
Rocky Beach

In the Dragon Caves:
Dragon's Cave

(Objects matched with their locations)
On the Mainland:
Spyglass -- Beach Front Near Dock
Braided Rope -- Abandoned Well
Muddied Stone -- Southeast Edge of Lake
Fishing Pole -- East Edge of Lake
Spade -- Shed
Shovel -- Shed
Ladder -- Shed
Shears -- Shed
Sled -- Shed
Ice Skates -- Shed
Small Jacket -- Aspen Grove

On the Island:
Conch Shell -- Rocky Beach
Logs -- Clearing

In the Dragon Caves:
Pirate's Hook -- Cave
Dragon's Scale -- Dragon's Cave




+++ School Yard +++

Problem Statement:
1) Examine the area a bit.

2) If you've hung around long enough, you might begin to grow 
curious about a certain object.

3) Your objective is to acquire the bell.

Motivations for the Solution:
1) You are not allowed to walk into the school to get the bell yourself.

2) You need someone else's help.

3) One of the children might be able to help, but they're too busy 

4) Have you found an object they might be interested in?

5) ...perhaps something that one of them might have lost?

6) Try showing the small jacket to the children.

Exact solution:
1) The girl has lost her small jacket and would like it returned.  

2) As a return favor, she'll get the bell for you if you ask her for it.

Exact Command line statement:

--- End School Yard Puzzle ---

+++ Forest Edge (with the Slender Tree) +++

Problem Statement:
1) There is something unusual in this locale.

2) Notice the red object in the slender tree.

3) Climb the slender tree until you reach the object.

4) A kite is stuck up here in the branches.

5) Your objective is to acquire this red kite.

Motivations for the Solution:
1) Notice that the kite is stuck because the kite string is tangled in the 
tree branches.

2) Notice that the kite string is hopelessly tangled.

3) You'll have to find a way to cut the kite string.

4) You've probably found some objects that are sharp enough to cut 
the string.

Exact Solution:
1) Try cutting the kite string with either the dagger, the shears, the 
spade, or the shovel.

2) Once the kite string has been severed, then you can take the kite.

Command Line Statement: 
CUT STRING WITH SHEARS (or any of the objects listed above)

--- End Slender Oak Puzzle ---

+++ Sheer Cliff Basin +++

Problem Statement:
1) Examine the area.

2) Notice the spires.

3) They look almost too picturesque to be of natural form.

4) Notice that the spires adorn a lofty precipice.

5) Your objective is to climb up to that precipice.

Motivations for the Solution:
1) Try to climb up to the precipice.

2) It seems there's no way to get up there unaided.

3) You'll need some other object to help you climb up there.

4) Its too high up for a ladder.

5) Maybe the braided rope?

Exact Solution:
1) Try hooking the braided rope over one of the spires and then 
climbing the rope.

Command Line Statement: (Optional) TIE ROPE TO ROPE (forming 
a lasso)

--- End Spires Puzzle ---

+++ Gate House of Darinore Castle +++

1) Try to walk through the gate house.

2) The royal guard will not let you pass without first being checked out 
by Ezmarelda, the Fortune Teller.

3) Go to Ezmarelda.

4) Talk to Ezmarelda, and ask her for a token.

5) One of two things will happen.  Either she'll give you a token or she 

6) If you get the token, give it to the royal guard at the gate house and 
he'll let you pass.

If you do not get a token, you won't be able to walk through the gate 
house.  HINT:  You'll have to be sneaky.  This becomes a trickier 
puzzle (see Alternative Palace Entry Puzzle)

7) Now for the palace guards.  Who are you curious about that you 
know would live in the palace?

8) Have you talked with any of the villagers about the jewel?

9) If you have, then you might have found that Princess Thalia is the 
leading authority on the jewel and those to whom it originally belonged.

10) You should ask the palace guards for a meeting with the princess.

Command Line Statement:  

--- End Gate House Puzzle ---

+++ Pumpkin Patch Near Shed +++

1) Examine the objects in this locale.

2) You should find something quite singular.

3) One of the pumpkins is especially shiny.

4) Examine the shiny pumpkin.

5) The shiny pumpkin is made of porcelain.

6) You should notice something peculiar about the stem.

7) Try to see what's inside the pumpkin.

8) Pull the porcelain stem, or OPEN PORCELAIN PUMPKIN

9) Search the porcelain pumpkin to find out what it contains.


-- End Pumpkin Puzzle --

+++ Among the Trees +++

1) Examine the area.

2) Take note of the unusual fountain sculpture.

3) Take note that the sculpture is very large.

4) Take note that the sculpture is made of bowl-shaped leaves that 
are each very large.

5) You can climb up the tiers of this fountain.

6) Climb up as high as you can.

7) Take note of the topmost tier.

8) Examine the plant, or try to take it.

9) Notice the interesting fruit it bears.


--- End Fountain Puzzle ---

+++ Witch's Hut +++
1) Examine the objects in the room that you find interesting.

2) Are you interested in magic or witchcraft?

3) Have you examined her spell book?

4) Have you read it?

5) Interesting, eh?

6) Do you wonder what those words might mean?

7) Maybe you should try some incantations yourself or ask the witch 
about them?

8) ASK WITCH ABOUT [Put magic word here]
or SAY [Magic Word] to WITCH

9) Oops.

--- End Spell Book Puzzle ---

+++ On the Floorboards +++
1) Examine the area.

2) Doesn't the world seem so much different.

3) Gee, you might be able to go places you normally couldn't.

4) Interesting how those spaces between the wooden floorboards now 
seem so big.

5) Maybe you should examine the spaces between the floorboards or 
try to look inside them.

6) Heck, you could probably easily go in between the spacing.


8) If there were spaces in *your* floor, just imagine the stuff that 
would fall through.  

9) Examine the area.

10) Find anything?

11) Take the parchment.

--- End Floorboards Puzzle ---

+++ Under the Witch's Stool +++
Problem Statement:
1) Do you miss being at your normal stature?

2) This *is* a witch's hut.  Maybe she has something around here that 
can help you.

3) Try to find something that could restore you to your normal height.

Motivations for the Solution:
4) Examine the area.

5) Only one of the bottles seems to be opened.

3) Search the opened bottle.

4) Pull out one of the pills that is inside.

5) Maybe the bottle can give you a clue as to what this pill is good for.

6) Try reading the label.  Is that a play on words?

Exact Solution:
7) Eat the white pill.

--- End Pill Puzzle ---

+++ Back in the Witch's Hut +++

1) Have you found something that probably belongs to her?

2) Maybe something that was in her hut all along?

3) Show the list to the witch.

4) Could that potion be useful to you?

5) You might want to ask her about the potion or anything else about 
your mission.

6) In any event, you never know when a witch's potion might come in 

7) You now have a mission to collect three items.

5) You should give them to her when you find the ingredients.

Here's a list of the locations where the ingredients can be found:

Dragon's Scale -- found in the Dragon's Cave
Silver Acorn -- Forest Basin (with the Great Oak)
White Root -- Little Precipice near the Clearing in the Purple Canyons

--- End Witch's Hut Revisited ---

+++ Finding The Dragon Caves +++

Problem Statement:
1) All you knew about the dragon initially was that he was in 

2) He doesn't seem to be there now. Clearly, you need more 

3) You could talk to people.

4) You could read a newspaper.

5) Where might you find a newspaper? If you are standing in the town 
center, you might examine the town to see what shops are around.

6) Try the bookstore.  

7) Read the newspaper in the basement.

8) The dragon appears to have left, but his abode was in the southern 
mountain regions.

9) Do you still want to find his cave?  Have you spoken to the witch?

10) Your objective should be to find the dragon's cave in the southern 
mountain regions.

Motivations for the solution:
1) No one seems to know exactly where the cave is, so you'll have to 
search for it on your own.

2) From the locale of the Mountain Panorama at the edge of the 
southern mountain ranges, you can tell that this area is expansive.  
Wandering around does not help anything.

3) Maybe if you could spot the mouth of the cave, you could head in 
that general direction.

4) Do you have an object that could help?

5) A spyglass for instance?

Exact Solution:
1) You can use the spyglass from the location of the Mountain 
Panorama to search for the mouth of the dragon's cave.  

Command Line Statement:  USE SPYGLASS

2) You spot a cave to the southeast.  Could it be the dragon's cave?  
It's worth the look.

Command Line Statement:  GO SOUTHEAST

--- End Mountain Panorama Puzzle ---

+++ Cave Entrance in the Southern Mountains +++

Problem Statement:
1) OK, so you couldn't go directly into the mouth of the dragon's cave.  
2) Maybe there is a back way into the dragon's cave, and perhaps this 
little cave can get there. 

3) Examine the Cave Entrance.  

4) You are trying to see if this cave can lead you to other caves.

Motivations for the Solution:
5) There are no obvious openings in the cave wall.

6) How about moving those rocks?

7) Try to enter the cave.

8) Do you have a light source?  
	a)Where might you find one?
	b)Maybe back in the town?
	(see Odds N Ends Shop before proceeding)

Exact Solution:
9) You can use the lighted lamp to navigate through the dark caves.

Command Line Statement:

--- End Cave Entrance Puzzle ---

+++ Rope Bridge Near the Pirate Cave +++

Problem Statement:
1) The chasm is too wide to cross without a bridge, but the ropes 
have been cut.

2) The caves must continue beyond the chasm or the rope bridge 
would not have been put there in the first place.

3) Your objective is to cross this chasm.

4) You can't jump over the chasm

5) The chasm is too deep to travel into.

6) Maybe you should try to repair the rope bridge

7) If you could get that other end, maybe you could securely tie it 
back to this side.

8) Your objective should be to repair the rope bridge.

Motivations for the Solution:
1) How could you get the side of the rope bridge that is dangling down 
into the chasm?

2) Do you have any objects that could help?

3) Maybe that old fishing line?

4) But, the fishing line is missing a hook.  You need to find something 
that could hook the bridge when you swing the line at it.

5) Have you found something that could be used as a hook?

6) Did you examine the pirate skeleton in the other cave?

Exact Solution:
1) You can tie the pirate's hook to the fishing line, and then swing the 
line at the bridge. 

Command Line Statement:  

--- End Rope Bridge Puzzle ---

+++ Odds N Ends Shop +++
1) Examine the shop and its contents.

2) Do they have anything you could use?

3) Maybe the boat ... or that lantern?

4) Your objective should be to acquire that lantern and the boat.

Motivations for the Solution: (Lantern) 
1) Ask Ma or Pa about the lantern.  

2) Pa doesn't want to give you the lamp because someone else has 
promised to deliver to him an 'object of such rare beauty' the likes of 
which he's never seen.  

3) If you found such an object first, might he give the lamp to you 
4) Have you found such an object?

5) Have you been to the Misty Island?  (see Getting to the Misty 

9) Perhaps that gorgeous conch shell?

10) Try showing the conch shell to Pa, and see what he has to say.

Exact Solution:
1) He's interested! Trade the conch shell for the lantern.

Command Line Statement: GIVE CONCH TO PA

--- End Lantern Puzzle ---

Note:   For the boat puzzle solutions, see the Getting to Misty Island 

+++ Clearing in the Purple Canyon +++

Problem Statement:
1) Examine the area.

2) Take note of the gnarled outcropping.

3) Unfortunately, it is surrounded by some vicious prickling plants.

4) Your objective is to get past the pricking plants so that you can go 
to the little precipice with the gnarled outcropping.

Motivations for the Solution:
1) You can't cut your way through.

2) You can't go around them.

3) Can you go over them?

4) You could try to form your own makeshift bridge.

5) Do you have any objects that could make such a bridge?

6) How about the rowboat? or the sled? Have you found the raft or the 

Exact Solution:
7) You can put the any of the objects listed above on the prickly 
plants in the purple canyons to form a bridge.

Command Line Statement:

--- End Prickly Plants Puzzle ---

+++ Little Precipice in the Purple Canyons +++

1) Examine the Area.

2) Try to take the roots.

3) You need some other object to pull them from the dirt.

4) Do you have such an object?

5) How about the spade or the shovel?

6) Dig the white roots with the spade or shovel.

Command Line Statement:  

--- End White Root Puzzle ---

+++ Forest Basin +++
Problem Statement:
1) Have you visited the witch?

2) She wants you to find a silver acorn.

3) Oak trees bear acorns.  

3) Have you examined the oak trees around the forest?

4) Examine the oak tree in the Forest Basin.

4) It is quite a tree, but you can't tell much about its acorns from here.

5) Maybe if you had a closer look.

6) Climb the Great Oak.

7) Silver acorns!

8) Your objective is to acquire one of these silver acorns.

Motivations for the Solution:
1) Unfortunately, the silver acorns are not growing on any of the 
branches within your reach.

2) You don't appear to be able to get the acorns by yourself.

3) Who could help?

4) . or *what* could help?

5) Have you noticed any creatures in the forest?

6) Maybe you've been making too much of a ruckus.

7) Ever noticed that if you just sat still for a while in the forest, critters 
begin to run around as if you weren't even there?

8) Just stand still for a while and see what happens (i.e. WAIT)

9) Maybe you could use this to your advantage.  

10) If you enticed a critter to this very spot, maybe it would go into the 
great oak.

11) Maybe it would even pick one of the acorns for you.

12) If you were a little forest creature, what would draw you to an 

13) FOOD

14) Have you noticed anything that looks tasty in your travels?

15) What about those luscious looking morsels from the plant in the 

Exact Solution:
1) Drop the morsels in the Forest Basin and Wait a while.

Command Line Statement:  
WAIT (seven consecutive times)

--- End Silver Acorn Puzzle ---

+++ Getting to the Misty Island +++

Problem Statement:
1) Have you ever looked out into the vast expanse of the ocean to see 
if anything was on the horizon?

2) Go to the Beach Front Near the Rockbridge and have a look 

3) From this locale, you can't see anything significant with your naked 

4) Maybe you've found some object that could help?

5) How about the spyglass?

6) Look into the ocean from this location with your spyglass.
Command Line Statement:  USE SPYGLASS

7) You should try to get to this misty island.

Motivations to the Solution:
1) Try swimming.

2) OK, it is too far away to swim there unaided.

3) Have you seen anything around that might help?

4) A boat perhaps?

5) The Odds N Ends shop has a canoe.  Maybe you could try to 
acquire that one?

6) or a rowboat?

7) Ask Ma or Pa about a boat.

8) They have a rowboat, but want to trade for it.

9) Most likely, they'll want something of value.

10) Have you found anything that could be considered valuable?

11) Some silver coins perhaps?

12) Show the coins to Ma or Pa to see if they're interested.

Exact Solution:
1) They're interested!  You can give the coins to Ma or Pa in trade for 
the rowboat.

Command Line Statement: GIVE COINS TO MA (or PA)

Note:  You can use the boat by typing:  LAUNCH BOAT

--- End Misty Island Puzzle ---

+++ Returning from the Misty Island +++

1) You might notice that you can see the docks of Shalandria from the 
Island Beach at the west end of the island.

2) If you look in the cave near the beach, you'll find a raft that you can 
use to cross the ocean back to Shalandria.

3) If you arrived upon the misty island by boat, you might try 
examining the wreckage.  

4) You'll discover a large wooden plank that has survived the ride into 

5) If you've used each of these before, do not despair.  You can still 
return to the mainland as many times as you need to.

6) Examine the Clearing a little more closely.

7) One of those logs might be buoyant enough for you to use.

Command Line Statement:
LAUNCH RAFT (or PLANK or LOG) from the location of the Island 

--- End Return from Misty Island Puzzle ---

+++ The Huge Bird's Nest +++

Problem Statement:
1) What do you see in the huge nest?

2) The little chick is peculiar.

3) You might try to take him.

4) ... but he doesn't trust you.

5) Maybe you could earn the chick's trust.

6) Your objective is to take the little bird.

Motivations for the solution:
6) What might the little bird want?

7) Where are his parents?

8) When you tried to pick the little chick up, what happened?

9) Maybe he's hungry.

10) Have you found any food during your travels?

11) What might the little chick want?

12) Bugs or berries?

13) Where are bugs?

14) Under fallen trees rotting in the forest, you are sure to find some 
kind of bug.

15) Alternatively, have you found any berries? or fruit?

Exact Solution:
15) In any location in the forest, LOOK UNDER (or PUSH) any 

16) Sometimes you may not find anything useful, but keep trying!

17) If you find worms or beetles, be sure to pick them up before they 
crawl back under the fallen tree.

Command Line Statements:
TAKE WORM (or BEETLE) depending upon what you find

--- End Little Chick Puzzle ---

+++ Behind the Waterfalls +++

Problem Statement:
1) Examine the area.

2) What could be behind a waterfall?

3) Have you examined the ivy?

4) Maybe it is covering something on the rockface.

5) Try to move the ivy. 
6) What do you find?

7) Have you ever seen a carving like this before?

8) Has anyone ever told you about a carving like this?

9) Talk to as many people as you can about the jewel or the princess.  
Or, talk to the princess herself.

10) The carving of the outstretched wings is known to mark any object 
relating to the temples of the ancient Etherians.  

11) Temple?

12) Could this be an entrance?

13) Does it mark the door?

14) Push the symbol.


--- End Behind the Waterfalls Puzzle ---

+++ The Pumpkin Patch +++

Problem Statement:
1) Have you looked around this area?

2) What's watching you?

3) Examine the object the cat is playing with.

4) Could you use a good length of twine?

5) Your objective is to acquire the twine.

Motivations for the Solution:
1) Try to take the twine.

2) It appears that as long as the cat is in the pumpkin patch, he won't 
let you take the twine from him.

3) How do you distract a cat?

4) What might a cat like more than a nice long length of twine?

5) . a *live* plaything perhaps?

5) ... like a bird.

6) Maybe even a little bird.

7) Have you seen a little bird during your travels?  

8) DISCLAMER TO ANIMAL LOVERS:  Of course you don't want the 
kitten to vanquish the little chick, just distract him for a while.

Exact Solution:
1) After you have the little chick from the big nest (see Nest Puzzle 
before proceeding), go to the part of the pumpkin patch where the 
black kitten is playing with the twine.

2) Just see what happens.

3) After the kitten has run off, take the twine.

--- End Twine Puzzle ---

+++ Willow near the Lake +++

Problem Statement:
1) Examine the willow near the lake.

2) Climb the willow and examine it again.

3) What is peculiar?

4) Your objective is to reach the wooden box and see what's inside it.

Motivation for the Solution:
1) Try to climb out to the box.

2) You can't seem to get the box that way.

3) You might try cutting the branches that the box is intertwined 

4) OUCH!  A tree dryad!

5) Is there any other way to get to that box?

6) Where exactly is the box in relation to the tree?

7) The box is intertwined in the branches overhanging the castle lake.

8) Can you reach the box while in the east side of the lake?

9) How on earth might you get yourself up to the height of the box 
while in the lake on the east side?

10) If only you could use a ladder or something, but darn, where could 
you put it?

11) Maybe if the lake were frozen ...

12) Ha! It is a warm sunny day, how could the lake become frozen ...

13) Well now, this *is* a mysterious land, and there *is* that witch in 
the hut just over the hill.

14) Might she have a spell that could help you?

15) Have you talked with the witch? (see In the Witch's Hut and In the 
Witch's Hut Revisited before proceeding)

16) How could you use that potion?

17) Have you asked the witch about the potion?

18) How could you give the potion to the 'air above?'

19) ... a kite perhaps?

20) Try to fly your kite.

21) You seem to need some kind of long string.

22) ... or twine

23) Have you noticed the length of twine that the kitten in the pumpkin 
patch is playing with?  (see Pumpkin Patch Puzzle before proceeding)

24) Once you have the twine, tie it to the kite.

25) OK, now you have a good working kite.  But, where to fly it?

26) Where is there enough wind that's close enough to Darinore 

Exact Solution:
1) Put some of the powder on the red kite and try flying it on the east 
or west hill just to the north of the lake.

Command Line Statement:
FLY KITE (while on the East or West hill)

2) Go to the east side of the frozen Darinore Lake.

3) Open the ladder and set it down there.

Command Line Statement:  OPEN LADDER

4) Climb the ladder.

5) Examine the box.

6) Open the box and search it.

7) Take the wooden key.

Command Line Statements:


--- End Wooden Box Puzzle ---

+++ Lion Statues +++

Problem Statement:
1) Examine both lion statues.

2) Notice the exposed gears on the crumbling lion.

3) Could these be more than just statues?

4) Maybe part of a mechanism, but what?

5) Have you examined the area?

6) Have you noticed anything unusual about the ground?

7) It appears to be hollow.  What could be down there?

8) Have you noticed any unusual markings on the one-eyed lion?

9) . rectangular in shape ... 

10) maybe it is an entrance, or a door?

11) You need to figure out how to utilize the lion statues to see what's 
beneath this ground.

Motivations for Solution:
1) The crumbling lion seems to be in really bad shape.

2) So, how about the one-eyed lion?

3) You can try sticking objects into his other eye.

4) ... but that doesn't seem to work.

5) What other mechanism could there be since the rectangle won't 

6) What else do you notice about the one-eyed lion.

7) That's quite a mouth.

8) Maybe try fiddling with the lion's mouth.

Exact Solution:
1) Try pulling on the lion's mouth.

Command Line Statement:  

--- End Lion Statues Puzzle ---

+++ Forest Temple +++

Problem Statement:
1) Do you notice anything unusual about this temple?

2) Unfortunately, it is quite deserted.

3) There seems to be one striking object left behind though.

4) Examine the altar.

5) Examine the metal tree.

6) This must have signified something to someone.

7) Remove the dome on the altar and toy around with the metal tree.

8) It is quite peculiar, isn't it?

9) Those leaves are interesting.  So fragile and yet you cannot seem 
to break one off of the metal.

10) Did you notice the markings on the altar.

11) Have you seen that pattern before?

12) Do you have an object that bears those markings?  

13) Perhaps an object bearing similar markings would have been 
intended for use here in this very temple.

14) Try to find an object with a similar carving and bring it to the 

15) See School Yard puzzle before proceeding

Exact Solution:
1) Bring the bell to the forest temple.

2) Ring the bell while in the forest temple.

Command Line Statement:

--- End Metal Tree Puzzle ---

+++ Rocky Precipice above the Sheer Cliff Walls +++

Problem Statement:
1) Examine the area.

2) Do you notice anything unusual?

3) You should try to unlock the trapdoor.

Motivations for the Solution:
1) Have you found a key that might fit that keyhole?

2) (see Willow near the Lake Puzzle before continuing)

3) Well, the wooden key seems to be linked to the temples of the 
ancient Etherians.

4) Have you talked with the princess about the jewel?

5) She seems quite sure that the jewel is in the southern mountain 
regions.  You are in the southern mountain regions right now.

6) Maybe the wooden key fits the lock.

7) You can try to unlock door with the wooden key.

8) Oh no! Well, maybe you can fix it.

9) Notice that the break is clean.

10) Maybe you can glue it back together.

11) Have you noticed any glue around during your travels?

12) . or maybe some sap?

13) Where would you find sap?

14)  Try checking any tree in the forest.

15)  Put the sap on the wooden key, or FIX KEY WITH SAP

16)  Good, you can't even tell that it had been broken now.  

17)  Well, the key *did* appear to fit the lock; but, it just isn't strong 
enough anymore to unlock the trapdoor.

18) How can you get an object that looks exactly like this wooden key, 
but made out of some stronger material?

19)  Maybe the blacksmith could help.

20)  He doesn't seem to trust you.

21)  How might you change his mind.

22)  Try talking with him a little more.

23)  You should discover that he really wants a certain object.

24)  Have you seen what he's looking for?

25)  Maybe you already have it.  

26)  Give the dagger to the blacksmith.

27)  OK, now he's willing to help.

28) Try asking him about the wooden key.

29)  So he wants a mold.  How could you get a mold of the wooden 

30)  Have you ever noticed something that could make a decent mold 
in you wanderings?

31)  Examine the Bookstore Basement a little more.

32)  Have you found anything you can use yet?

33)  Try examining the candles.

Exact Solution:
34)  Put the wax on the wooden key.

35)  Give the mold to the blacksmith.

Command Line Statements:

36)  Return to the Rocky Precipice.

37)  Unlock the trapdoor with the iron key.

Command Line Statement:

--- End Trapdoor Puzzle ---

+++ The Great Temple (Rushing Water Puzzle)+++

Problem Statement:
1) Wander through the temple chambers.

2) You cannot advance any further within because of the rushing 

3) You need to find a way to stop the water from flowing so fast.

Motivations for the Solution:
1) Where is this water coming from?

2) You find no obvious way of accomplishing this.  Maybe you are not 
seeing as much of the temple as you need to.

3) Do any of the carvings look familiar.

4) How about that mural of the woodland animals.

5) It is very similar to the mural you might have noticed in the Island 

6) Have you been to the Island temple?  (see Waterfalls Puzzle before 

7) Have you closely examined the mural of the woodland creatures on 
the island temple?  Did you notice anything peculiar?

8) Did you notice the deer's nose back on the island temple mural?

9) Do you remember that that mural was carved a panel separating 
the entry room from the storage room?

10) Maybe the mural in the great temple is also carved into a panel.

11) How might the panel mechanism have worked?

12) What is different from this mural compared to the Island Temple 

13) The only difference between this mural and the Island Temple 
mural appears to be the deer's nose and the fact that this panel is 

14) Maybe the deer's nose is the mechanism.

15) Try pushing the deer's nose.

16) Examine the sluice gate in the room nearest to the Reservoir.

17) Note that the water appears to be fueled by an unlimited supply of 
water and controlled by the sluice gate.

18) Try to close the sluice gate.

19) How might the gate have worked?

20) That broken device on the pillar might have had something to do 
with it.

21) Unfortunately, it looks broken beyond repair.

22) Did you notice the highly reflective spot on the sluice gate?

23) Maybe it is sensitive to a certain kind of light.

24) How could you put light on that spot?

25) Do you have an object that is highly reflective?

26) Have you examined the curious devices on the shelves in the 
Island Temple?

27) This gate was clearly built by the same people who created the 
devices.  Try fiddling with the knobs on the curious devices.

Exact Solution:
1) Try using the mirror to activate the sluice gate.

Command Line Statement:
PULL KNOB (of the curious device)

--- End Rushing Water Puzzle ---

+++ The Great Temple (Double Doors Puzzle) +++

Problem Statement:
1) Try to find a way to open the double doors.

Motivations for the Solution:
1) Examine the doors.

2) They are locked, but don't seem to have a keyhole.

3) Examine that hole in the doors.

4) That looks like the only way to affect the doors.

5) Do you have an object that might fit in that hole?

6) What do you know about the creatures that constructed this 

7) They certainly seem to have a fascination with the natural world. 
Perhaps it is not so singular that the sluice gate operating mechanism 
was reflected light.

8) Maybe you should insert an object into the hole.

9) How might an object you insert into the hole affect the door 

10) Have you examined the muddied stone?

11) Maybe you should try to clean it.

12) The stone appears to have been modified for some purpose.

13)  Try putting the glass stone in the door hole.

14) It does fit, but nothing else happens.

15) Maybe these creatures had a coded object of some sort?

16) Have you seen anything that might fit this description?

17) See the Lion Statues Puzzle before proceeding 

18) Have you ever examined the metal leaf?

19) Try using it to unlock the double doors.

20) It doesn't seem to fit properly.

21) So, you have a glass stone that fits, and a coded leaf that doesn't 
fit in the doors.

Exact Solution:
1) Put the metal leaf in the glass stone.

2) Put the glass stone in the door hole.

Command Line Statement:  

3) Push open the doors.

--- End Double Doors Puzzle ---

+++ Grand Altar Room +++

1) Examine the altar.
2) Examine the prongs.
3) Examine the cloth.

4) Aaarrrggg!!  #@%$#@#$!!

5) Hang in there, because the adventure continues.

6) What do you know about the pirates?

7) Try talking to some people about them.

8) Have you talked to the princess about any of this?

9) If you haven't ever gone to see Princess Thalia, now is a good 
time.  If you had asked her about the jewel or the pirates, you know 
that she'd very interested in finding the jewel.  She also wants to know 
any new information about the Pirates of Equindor.

Command Line Statement:  

--- End Grand Altar Room ---

+++ Deeper in the Forest (near the Towering Eucalyptus) +++

Problem Statement:
1) Examine the Eucalyptus.

2) It has an interesting marking on its trunk.

3) Try climbing up in the eucalyptus.

4) There is a peculiar object within its branches.

5) You need to figure out what this funnel can be used for.

Motivations for the Solution:
1) Have you been to the Great Temple?

2) Have you spoken to the princess about what you found there?

3) See the Temple Puzzle and Grand Altar Puzzle solutions before 

4) Do you finally have both top and bottom of the ripped parchment?

5) Read the complete parchment.

6) Have you seen any mark the parchment might be referring to 

7) Have you talked with anyone about the pirates before?

8) This eucalyptus has something to do with the message.

9) What could `the trap' refer to?

10) What could be `the orb?'

Exact Solutions:
1) Climb the eucalyptus tree.

2) Drop the pellet in the funnel.

3) Where do you suppose it landed?

4) Climb down the eucalyptus tree and take a look around.

5) Does the phrase "buried treasure" mean anything to you?

6) Dig out the depression with the shovel.


--- End Funnel Puzzle ---

+++ Steep Mountains near the Woman Statue +++

Note:  Do not proceed until you have finished the "Funnel Puzzle."

Problem Statement:
1) Examine the map in the pirate box.

2) The statue of the woman appears to be the most singular object 
around the area of the `X' on the pirate's map.

3) What do you suppose they drew the map for?  What could the loot 
found with the map signify?

4) This is a puzzle the pirates set up so that only one of their own 
could find the solution.

5) However, you have collected quite a few of their objects in your 
traveling so far.

6) You need to solve the pirate's puzzle.

Motivations for the Solution:
1) What could the flame mean?

2) Have you examined the statue of the woman?

3) Hmm, she doesn't seem to have a candle anymore?
4) Might your candle work?

5) Try putting the lighted lantern on the stone candle holder.

6) Nothing singular happens, but it is a start.

7) Maybe you don't have all of the objects you need.

8) Have you ever wondered what was at the bottom of that old 
abandoned well?

9) True, it's too perilous to climb all of the way down to the bottom 
yourself, but is there a way to make the contents come up to you?

10) Maybe they already have and you just don't know it.

11) Whatever happened to the landscape after you froze it, and how 
far-reaching were its effects?

12) You may have noticed that the well was completely filled with 
snow at one time.

13) Now the snow has melted.

14) The well was also at the base of that large hill north of the lake.  
With all of that melted snow, the ground must have become extremely 

15) Go back to the abandoned well, and search it again.

16) Take the object bobbing in the well water.

17) Go back to the statue.  Examine it again.

18) Maybe she needs to hold something in her left hand.

19) This puzzle was created by the Pirates of Equindor, so maybe 
some object of theirs is the solution.

20) Have you examined the object you found floating in the well?

21)  Does the wooden portion signify anything to you?

22) Put the green stone in the statue's left hand.

23) What happened?

24) A singular boulder appears to be cast in the green light shining 
through the stone.

25) Push the boulder out of the way.

Command Line Statements:

--- End Pirate's Puzzle ---

+++ Entering the Limestone Caverns +++

1) Examine the limestone cavern entrance.

2) You need to unlock the door.

3) The door was most likely locked by the pirates.

4) So, their bronze key is the likely solution.

5) Unlock the wooden door with the bronze key.

--- End Locked Wooden Door Puzzle ---

+++ The Talon +++

1) Examine the ship.

2) Pay particular note to the Captain's Quarters.

3) Examine the pirates.

4) They appear to have murdered each other.  Why?

5) Examine the captain's body.

6) That chest must have been extremely important to him.

7) Take the chest and open it.

8) Success!  Now if you could only get back to civilization to make 
this prize useful.

9) The ship still seems to be in good working order even if her crew is 
not.  It is still floating after all.

10) Hoist anchor, and sail into the sunset!

 	    End Travels In The Land of Erden




Alternative Solutions:
I consider the alternative solutions to be bonus puzzles for the 
interested player.  And so, I think that finding these in and of 
themselves are SPOILER warning worthy.  I'll put a few of the more 
complex ones in the format of the previous puzzle solutions.

+++ The Witch's Hut  (Alternative) +++

1) Examine the witch.

2) She's probably very powerful.

3) Do you like flirting with danger?

4) Maybe you should attack her.

5) Oops.

6) OK, you're stuck in the cauldron and it looks like you are being 
prepared for dinner.

7) The cauldron walls are too slick to climb up.

8) Maybe you could climb up something else.

9) What else is in the cauldron with you?

10) Looks like stew preparations.  Those carrots look interesting.

11)  Climb the carrots.

12) Whew! You're out of the cauldron.

13) see the `On the Floorboards' Puzzle

--- End Alternative Solution to In the Witch's Hut puzzle ---

+++ Alternative Palace Entry Puzzle +++

1) Since you can't walk through the front door, examine the rest of the 

2) If you've been denied a token from Ezmarelda, check out the 
location on the Southeast Edge of the Lake again.

3) Gee, you never noticed that embankment before.

4) Maybe you could swim out to it when no one is looking.

5) Those darn reptiles!  They would surely eat you if you jumped in 
the moat.

6) Maybe you could appease their hunger for a little while.

7) What might reptiles like to eat?

8) Fish perhaps?

9) Have you noticed any fish during your travels in Erden?

10) Have you ever been to the Island? (see the Misty Island Puzzle)

11) Have you examined the bogs or the crystal lake?

12) Do you have a fishing pole in good working order?

13) If you're missing some kind of hook for the fishing pole (see the 
Dragon Caves puzzles before proceeding)

14) Go to the Misty Island and fish with the pole in the bogs.

15) Come back to the Southeast Edge of the Lake and throw the dead 
fish in the moat.

16) While the reptiles are occupied with the fish, quickly swim out to 
the embankment.

17)  Examine the area.

18) Is there a way to get into the castle from here?

19) Examine the sluice gate.

20) The sluice gate appears to stop just above the water's edge.

21) Maybe you could swim underneath it.
Command Line Statement:  SWIM UNDER SLUICE

22) Follow the path until you reach the palace.

23) Without a guide, you become hopelessly lost.

24) Maybe you should try to leave the castle.

25) Periodically, you find stairs leading up.

26) Go up the stairs whenever you can.

27) When you reach the battlements, have a look around.

28) Notice anything that might be useful?

29) What about that ledge sticking out of the castle wall.

30) Try to climb to the ledge.

Command Line Statement:

--- End Alternative Palace Entry Puzzle ---

+++ Traveling to the Misty Island (the accidental method) +++

1) Have your kite in good working order before proceeding.

2) Where can you fly your kite?

3) Did you notice the description atop the rock bridge?

4) There is wind there.

5) Try to fly your kite while atop the rock bridge.

6) Whoa!
--- End Traveling to the Misty Island accidentally ---


Fun Things to Try: 
(after you've completed the game):

*Jump off the Rockbridge
*Try skating on Darinore Lake after it's been frozen
*Try sledding down the east hill after it has been covered in snow
*Climbing on the rooftops in Shalandria (This is probably too silly to 
mention because I included it for my own benefit.  I'll call it: Ode to the 
first thing I tried in Zork. )
*Climbing or swimming in the fountain in Shalandria
*Try the three multiple endings:
--You can tie the banners or flags you've found during your travels to 
the pole atop the mast of the pirate's ship.  Here's the order of flags to 
fly from best to worst ending:
-----Etherian Banner (Island Temple)
-----Darinore Banner (Battlements) or no flag
-----Jolly Roger (Grand Altar Room)
*Read the Chronicles of Erden in the basement of the bookstore for 
more of the history of Erden.
*Try just waiting quietly on the Beach or in the Mountains or Caves for 
a while

Well, these are all that I can remember right now, but please don't let 
that stop you from looking for more fun things to do once you've