Travels in the Land of Erden:
In Quest of the Adventure

Travels in the Land of Erden is an interactive fiction computer game written in the spirit of the classic text adventure games by Infocom from the 80's. This page contains links to the game file, hint file, maps, and several sketches I have made related to Erden.

My Sketches:

As a note, the subjects of these sketches I've drawn are not necessarily vital to any particular puzzle, but rather, are just striking images that came to mind while I was coding this adventure.

Princess Thalia

Lion Statue






Erden Maps:

These are maps of the mainland. Please note that there may be other hidden locations not revealed on these maps.

Basic Map

Embellished Map

The Game:

The zip file contains two files: the latest version of the game and hint file. The hint file is presented in a progressive format in an attempt minimize any unnecessary spoilers.

Travels in the Land of Erden, Game File, Version 2.0

On-Line Hints for Erden

Site on the Interactive Fiction archive for downloading interpreters for games, like Erden, written in the language of Inform. For PCs, try the Zip or Frotz directory, or download the zipped executable of Erden directly.


Erden -- [ `AIR - DEN ]
Etherian -- [ eth - EERIE - en ]
Shalandria -- [ sha - LAND - re - a ]
Thalia -- [ `thal - e - a ]
Darinore -- [ DARE - IN - OR ]
Equindor -- [ equ - WIN - DOOR ]

Authoring Your Own Interactive Fiction:

With some basic programming skills and a lot of initiative, anyone can now become an interactive fiction author. I have chosen to use the language of Inform by Graham Nelson and have few complaints. The compiler, manuals, and many examples of code are freely available in the Interactive Fiction Archive. If you enjoyed the text adventures of Infocom, please consider becoming an author yourself. It is a wonderful and rewarding process in a medium that allows creativity in both coding and the literary arts. Keep interactive fiction alive and thriving!

Other Titles of Mine:

  • Winter Wonderland -- a charming storybook fantasy (Winner of the 5th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition)
  • Trapped in a One-Room Dilly -- a puzzle game set in (you guessed it) one bizarre room

    This page, the game file, hints, and sketches were all created by Laura A. Knauth.
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