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This game is an interactive short story written for the
Fourth Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (1998).

Trapped in a One-Room Dilly game file
zipped executable

Trapped in a One-Room Dilly game file
zipped .z5 format

If you downloaded the zipped .z5 version of the game, you'll need an interpreter. Jzip (includes the files: Jzip.exe, Jzexe.exe for DOS, and Jzip.doc) is the interpreter I prefer. These files can also be found along with several other types of interpreters on the Interactive Fiction Archive.

For a game that is more like an interactive novel in the style of an epic fantasy adventure, please visit the webpage for my first piece of interactive fiction, Travels in the Land of Erden. My latest work of interactive fiction. Winter Wonderland is an charming storybook adventure.

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