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Game Design

I have released three works interactive fiction. I loved playing these types of games when I was a kid, and still think interactive storytelling is an amazing opportunity for immersion in creativity. Developing games of my own has been so rewarding!

  • Winter Wonderland - Winner of the 5th Annual Interactive Fiction competition!
    Listed in Wikipedia :)
  • Travels in the Land of Erden
  • Trapped in a One-Room Dilly
  • More information about Interactive Fiction (aka Text Adventures):
    Interactive Fiction Archive

    My Winding Path

    Down the Winding Path ... I have a masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University (specializing in VLSI design). When I was in college I wrote three games of interactive fiction (see above for more details ... additional pages are in progress). After graduating, I worked as a Component Design Engineer at Intel for 12 years. I jumped around in various groups within the Core Processor Design teams to see various aspects of the process. I started off as a design engineer (transistor-level circuit design), then explored the tools team (automated circuit design), and finally spent quite a few years in Computer Architecture (microprocessor feature design).

    Just this year, I have stepped out into the great unknown to further develop my love of writing and photography. Yay, Storytelling! I have written two novels so far, but have not published them yet. My first novel is a science fiction adventure; the second is a children's (mid-grade) fantasy adventure set in Medieval Wales. So far I've been describing it as Alice in Wonderland meets the Spiderwick Chronicles. This is the first in a trilogy, and I'm in the process of creating some graphic art and supporting short stories. I'm putting the finishing touches on final edits of this novel and plan to start pursuing publishing options. Let me know if you hear about any amazing opportunities. :)

    I am also exploring my love of photography more these days. I so enjoy being out in nature and capturing the unique beauty of whatever I find. I have an 'opportunistic' view of photography and take it as a personal challenge to make the most of the moment, whatever presents itself. (Now if only I can successfully translate this attitude towards other aspects of my life. :) For photography anyway, I think I developed this outlook back in high school, where we had weekly project assignments, but I could only circle back through my home garden for inspiration. It did challenge me to keep looking for new perspectives. If you are creative enough, I do think you can approach the essence of Blake's phrase: To See a World in a Grain of Sand ... Although it certainly is easier if the most amazing sunrise you have ever seen magically appears. :) So far, I've been awe-inspired at what happens when you simply show up.

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    Writing Samples

    I plan to post some sample chapters within the year. Stay tuned!

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